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Data Scientists spend a significant amount of time on building features which are certain characteristics or patterns in the inspected data. This is especially true for timely annotated data such as time series and sequences. Now, the python package tsfresh frees your time spend on building features by extracting them automatically from time series.

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WIP: A library to preprocess time series. It is planned to contain methods to denoise, compress or resample such data.

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awesome time series in python

WIP: The python ecosystem contains many packages to process time series data. This curated list contains the most important ones.

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My Research

Type Field Date Details
Journal Paper Maschine Learning 2018 Maximilian Christ, Nils Braun, Julius Neuffer, Andreas W. Kempa-Liehr
"Time Series FeatuRe Extraction on basis of Scalable Hypothesis tests (tsfresh – A Python package)"
Journal Neurocomputing,
Conference Paper Service Science 2017 Maximilian Christ, Julius Neuffer, Andreas W. Kempa-Liehr
"On the Implicit Cost Structure of Service Levels from the Perspective of the Service Consumer"
Proceedings of the The 7th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science (Closer’17)
Conference Paper Computer Science 2016 Maximilian Christ, Julian Krumeich, Andreas W. Kempa-Liehr:
"Integrating Predictive Analytics into Complex Event Processing by Using Conditional Density Estimations."
Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Workshop (EDOCW), 2016 IEEE 20th International. IEEE, 2016.
Conference Paper Computer Science 2016 Michael Falkenthal, Uwe Breitenbücher, Maximilian Christ, Christian Endres, Andreas W. Kempa-Liehr, Frank Leymann, Michael Zimmermann:
"Towards Function and Data Shipping in Manufacturing Environments: How Cloud Technologies leverage the 4th Industrial Revolution."
Proceedings of the 10th Advanced Summer School on Service Oriented Computing
Conference Poster Data Science 2016 Maximilian Christ, Frank Kienle, Andreas W. Kempa-Liehr
"Time Series Analysis in Industrial Applications"
In: Workshop on Extreme Value and Time Series Analysis (Extremes 2016)
Conference Paper Machine Learning 2016 Maximilian Christ, Andreas W. Kempa-Liehr, Michael Feindt
"Distributed and parallel time series feature extraction for industrial big data applications."
Workshop on Learning on Big Data, Asian Conference on Machine Learning (ACML 2016)
ArXiv e-print 1610.07717,
Conference Paper Computer Science 2016 Michael Falkenthal, Uwe Breitenbücher, Kálmán Képes, Frank Leymann, Michael Zimmermann, Maximilian Christ, Julius Neuffer, Nils Braun, Andreas W. Kempa-Liehr
"OpenTOSCA for the 4th Industrial Revolution: Automating the Provisioning of Analytics Tools based on Apache Flink."
Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on the Internet of Things (IoT'16 )

About Me

Maximilian Christ

I am a Mathematician by education and a Data Scientist by heart. My interests and experiences in Programming, Statistics, Distributed Systems and Machine Learning help me to realize measurable business value in different industries.